Traveling Light

Leave your burdens behind you. Less is more. One bag is all you need. One bag that easily fits into the overhead bin or the narrow rack above your seat on the bus or train.

It’s about flexibility. It’s about being able to cut through a crowd quickly and easily. The people with one bag get from point A to point B with less hassle.

What does it take to travel lightly? Carry only the essentials: enough clothes for a few days, a jacket, a sweater, a toothbrush and shampoo, prescription medicines, a guidebook, a notebook, a towel. When you think about it, all you really need is your passport and an ATM card. Everything else you can buy while you are there. Laundry is cheap in much of the world; there are pharmacies and groceries in most decent-sized towns; nearly every hotel has soap and toilet paper. There’s no need to bring several heavy suitcases, two weeks of clothes, and the full contents of your medicine cabinet.

Besides, you’ll need room for the souvenirs.



  1. Mark and I are even at the point of packing one bag together. It’s like a contest of how little can we really take!



    1. That’s impressive, Michelle. For me, it’s sometimes a pretty packed bag — particularly if winter clothes are needed. I definitely end up editing and dropping anything heavy.



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