… And Landings

And then there’s the moment — you’ll know it when it happens. You awaken disheveled in yesterday’s clothes after the in-flight movie has long since finished, after a fitful sleep, at best. The flight attendants hurriedly feed you breakfast, then coffee, then a hot towel. They remind you of the entry forms. And you notice the television monitors throughout the cabin tracking the progress of your flight as it gets closer to arrival. You start to rise to freshen up in the bathroom, but there’s a line snaking down the aisle. Just then, the captain comes on the intercom and tells you to prepare for landing.

In that moment your guts drop. Your heart starts racing. So, stupidly, you clutch your passport, your wallet with your money and credit card, as if you could do anything about it. It’s already too late.


Photo credit: FreeImages.com/Corne Snijders


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