Tips on Arrivals

It helps to be prepared when you first arrive in another country. Here are some things to remember:

  • Learn the entry procedures in advance. Will you need a visa? Special vaccinations? Complete the entry form the flight attendants pass out on the plane. Have cash to pay any entry fee or tax. Be courteous to the passport and customs officers.
  • Know where you’re going. Make a hotel reservation in advance. Have the address and phone number with you.
  • Know how to get there. Find out in advance whether there’s direct public transportation, such as an express bus or train. If there is, take it. If not, ask whether your hotel can pick you up at the airport and how much it costs. Avoid taxis if possible. Taxi drivers have their own agendas.

Above all, be patient with the people you encounter and with yourself. Ask for directions if you need them. For help, if it’s necessary. Say please and thank you. Most people just want to help.


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