June 2016

Every time something terrible happens in the world, I hear the same thing. Bombings in Brussels or Paris. An explosion in Sinai in Egypt. A hostage siege at a Mumbai hotel. Guerillas and bandits in Guatemala, Mexico, or Peru. Terrorism.

“I’d never go there,” they say.

Every time I’m preparing for a trip, I get the same questions.

“Is it safe there? What if something happens?”

My response is always the same. I’m probably as safe over there as I would be anywhere in the U.S. Actually, I may be more likely to be killed here.

I awoke Sunday to the proof of that. Forty-nine murdered at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando.

This happened four miles from my house. They were my neighbors.

people here will rise from this. People always do.

Somewhere in the world, people are telling their friends about Orlando, “I’d never go there.”

Somewhere, they’re asking their traveling friends, “What if something happens?”

Something happened. Something horrible. But people here will rise from this. People always do.

So when you hear that something tragic happened in the world, think of those people in Orlando rescuing their friends from the shooter or lined up for hours to give blood to help the survivors. Think of those Parisians who went back into the streets of their city the night of the attacks there.

Defy your fear. Get back into the world.


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