Dinner Rules

Palenque, México
November 2016

Travelers, let us agree to leave our tethers behind during the dinner hour. Check our phones and tablets at breakfast or lunch, if we must. But at dinner, let’s put them away.

Instead, let’s enjoy the company of the people with whom we are traveling. Or, if we are traveling alone, let’s enjoy the ambiance of our surroundings and the interactions of our fellow diners. Let us discuss the day’s adventures or observe how the young woman at the next table has made herself up to look like Ariana Grande. Or, how the woman who was sitting with a group at a table by one of the entrances is now standing on the sidewalk smoking a cigarette melodramatically like women do in French movies.

She must be French. Her husband has a sweater tied across his shoulders. That’s French, isn’t it?


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