Campeche, México
November 2016

The last time I was away from my family at Thanksgiving, Karimé and I pulled into Buenos Aires after a marathon overnight bus ride and headed straight to La Estancia restaurant in the microcentro. We feasted on lots of everything: empanadas, chorizo, steak, and mass quantities of wine. Two hours later, we were back on the streets of Congresso looking for pizza.

This time I’m on my own. I’ve been away on the holiday before, but it never hit me like this in Cambodia, Egypt, Italy, and Peru. In those places, the day passed without me noticing.

IMG_7571 (500x443)

Not today. And as much as I enjoy the fish stuffed with shrimp and bacon, and the light flan with fruit for dessert here at Marganzo in Campeche, I can’t help feeling alone. There are large groups at the other tables, families. Reminders. And I’m sitting here missing my family and thinking that today is the birthday of a childhood friend who is going through a difficult time.

Mom and Dad, I promise I will be there next year. But I think we should make margaritas with dessert our new tradition.

Cover photo: Plaza Principal and Catedral de Nuestra Señora de la Purísima Concepción


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